• Our Mission

    NxTSTOP empowers the world explorer. Whether it is where we have been, where we live, or where we aspire to go, NxTSTOP is the focal point to connect people to share authentic experiences all over the world. We are enablers of the 21st century travel lifestyle.

    This lifestyle is multi-faceted - encompassing fashion, food, music, art, sports, entertainment - and we seek to unite and grow communities in each area. We began with unique and stylish apparel to help people express their passion for travel and cities they love.


    Our next evolution is digital: we will help people connect and share knowledge to feel like locals wherever they go so they can enjoy the world to the fullest.


    Travel has changed our lives and we hope to inspire that opportunity for others. In pursuit of this goal NxTSTOP is also dedicated to supporting initiatives that help those less fortunate to travel, explore and ultimately, experience the world in a meaningful way.

    Venture On.
    The NxTSTOP Team

  • Our Team

    Brendan Kennedy

    Founder and CEO

    What is NxTSTOP to you? I've spent my entire life moving to new cities - NYC, Madrid, SF, LA, Sao Paulo, Boston, Paris, Dallas - and traveling the world for interest. No matter where I am, I simultaneously want to be a local and still rep where I'm from. Connecting with people from where I've been and merging that with the constant adventure of where I'm going defines my life. That's NxTSTOP.


    Travel Story: The first time I went to Indo to surf I ended up going to the island of Sumbawa with my buddy Alex. We flew into the wrong airport, had to pay $100 each (a fortune in Indo!) for a ten hour death-defying drive through the mountains, slept in a $4 per night, 100 degree bungalow without AC, with Malaria mosquitoes, and with giant hornets. Next day got food poisoning. Best surf of my life for three days, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Jacob Arias

    Head of Strategy

    What is NxTSTOP to you? For me NxTSTOP is an attitude. It is an expression of passion for travel and discovering beauty in people and culture. It is that emotional connection you have with someone during your travels, whether it is a local in a new country, or someone from your hometown you meet on your adventure. My goal with NxTSTOP is to be the most authentic and trusted way for people to connect around the world and share their experiences.


    If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Why? Australia. I have friends who live there, who have been urging me to visit, and I really want to see what it's like from their perspective.

    Erik Logan

    Business Development Manager

    What is NxTSTOP to you? NxTSTOP for me is not only traveling but meeting new people in places I've never been. I love learning about new cultures, their way of life, their music scene, and food scene. The people involved with NxTSTOP also make it great. Individuals are from all walks of life and coming together, each doing what he or she does best. Part of the fun is exploring ideas and watching them come to life. It defines what we are all about.


    What city do you rep? Philadelphia, PA. Love the way this city has evolved from before the gentrification until now! I also represent Orlando, FL and San Antonio, TX.

    Margaret Nguyen

    Digital Content Manager

    What is NxTSTOP to you? NxTSTOP represents not only the adventurous travel style, but a lifestyle that connects people to others and to places that we've traveled or want to travel to.


    What city do you rep? Born and raised as a proud New Yorker. And yet this city still has me on my toes. NYC has limitless exciting things to do, see, and eat. I'm always a tourist in my own city!

    Michael Phillips

    Social Media Support

    What is NxTSTOP to you? NxTSTOP to me is a lifestyle, not just a brand. It is a way to connect with others from different backgrounds and walks of life to find a common ground. I love to travel to meet as many people as I can from different places.


    What city do you rep? I was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia - and still exploring it everyday.

    Rahul Ramesh

    Technology Intern

    What is NxTSTOP to you? NxTSTOP is the representation of the global experience, a culmination of the sights, pleasures, and memories of travel and adventure. Repping the way I live my life and creating an outlet for others to share their paths and experience is what NxTSTOP is all about to me!


    If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Why? Dubai, UAE. One of my aspirations is to someday experience being atop (maybe on the roof) of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

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