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Chapter 5: NYC Photo Trip

In Search of Neighborhood Icons

· Behind the Brand

Lots of Photos...

I mentioned how I can’t draw, so I did the next best thing and borrowed my friend Alex’s Canon SLR. Armed with this very amazing tool I spent a whole weekend roaming around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens to take pictures of places I knew and loved. I shot over 300 photos in two days. Best of all, I was excited because I was finally putting things into motion for the actual product I had thought about for so long.

Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge Shot from LIC

Part of the initial picture selection process was to choose images easily identifiable with the city such that anyone who saw the shirt and familiar with the neighborhood would recognize the design.

Silvercup Studios Sign in LIC
Street Signs in LIC under the Queensboro Bridge

While many were not so great given my amateur photography skills, a few Long Island City ones stood out. This isn’t surprising because it is one area of NYC I know best. Silvercup Studios is probably the most famous building in LIC, followed by other notable local spots like the PS1 MOMA. The Silvercup sign was a clear winner. Several other locations right near the 59th Street Bridge were also great. Some runner ups included shots from the West Village, especially near my once favorite (and now sadly, closed) bar called Thunder Jackson’s at 169 Bleecker.

Tagged Wall Outside Thunder Jackson's at 169 Bleecker.
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